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Tribaloy™ is a mixture of chromium, nickel and cobalt. It
is supplied in several forms, one of which is powdered metal.

LM-Tarbell has used Tribaloy™ in alloy with sintered bronze,
iron and stainless steel to produce sintered bushings that:

are resistant to corrosion, erosion, abrasion
and galling and retain these properties to a
large degree at high temperatures, where they
also resist oxidation.

Tribaloy™ performs in temps that are over 1000°F and is incredibly wear resistant. Obviously, these bushings
must run on hardened shafting RC60 or better.


Jet Engine Bushings
High Temp Furnaces
Ultra High Wear Applications

Foster Miller Corporation
Waltham, Massachusetts Application Example

LM-Tarbell engineers were called into Foster Miller ( a Massachusetts R&D company ) to review an application which required millions of cycles while supporting a light load. The bushing was a standard .250 size bearing @ 150 rpm"
on a RC60 shaft. LM-Tarbell pressed several prototype blanks which were made from a 15% Tribaloy, 85% standard sintered bronze mix. We impregnated the bearing with a standard turbine oil. Testing went for over 4 million cycles! The test was stopped.
After testing, the bearing and shaft were measured, the bearing had no wear and the shaft was worn by .0002.

BTU Engineering
Billerica, Massachusetts Application Example

In a SMT ( Surface Mount technology ) reflow furnace, BTU was having an issue with a rod end bearing in the furnace which was lubricated. This rod end was used in a width adjustment screw assembly. The issue was this: the high temperature in the furnace
was evaporating the lubricant and the screw would stick.
LM-Tarbell engineered a spherical, Tribaloy/Bronze bearing
that worked exceptionally well. Admittedly, because of low
volume, it became cost prohibitive and the customer redesigned
the assembly.

Lynn, Massachusetts
( see plain bearing page )


Because Tribaloy™ bushings are powdered metal parts, they require quantity. We can prototype blank parts in small volume,
but it is very expensive. If your application has volume,
5000 - 100K parts per year, the cost is very reasonable.
Please keep this in mind when considering Tribaloy™

For further information concerning Tribaloy, call product
specialist Mike Quinn @ 1-800-628-8332 or email your
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