Paralite™ from LM-Tarbell is the answer to nagging
questions concerning oil impregnated bushings:

"I don't want oil to migrate and
contaminate my product."

Standard oil impregnated bushings are
vacuum impregnated with a turbine oil. This oil can migrate due to
centrifugal force, gravity or it can leach to products it comes into
contact with like paper, chemistry, fabric etc.

Because of this, many engineers changed to plastic, self lubricating bearings.

"But what did they give-up?"

Tight Tolerances to Tenths .0005
( consider secondary machining tolerances for
slots, flats, grooves etc. )

● Low Friction .04 - .08 as opposed
to plastics and PTFE's 1.5 - 3

● Load Capability

Dimensional Stability
( both while machining and overall service temp )

Abundant Inventory and an unparalleled number of
standard off-the-shelf inch and metric sizes that can be
rapidly machined to provide special ID's, OD's and Lengths

Low Cost

  LM-Tarbell engineered Paralite™ to answer these questions and restore oil impregnated bushings back to their original status - workhorse. Paralite™ employs a paraffin, waxed based lubricant that begins to flow as heat
generates between the bushing and the shaft - like all oil impregnated bronze bearings. However, Paralite's™ lubricant does not migrate from the bushing/shaft interface. When the bushing is still, the lubricant waxes-up again and stays put! So if you have changed from bronze to plastic, give us a try.
We will send you free samples for your evaluation.

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