Q: How long does the oil last?

A: An Oil Filled/Sintered Bronze Bearing with a 3/4"
     diameter and 1-1/4" in diameter and 1-1/8" long
     was run at 1800 RPM for a total of 1,321,920,000 revolutions
    without exhibiting wear or scoring of the shaft.

    On a high speed application a sintered bronze bearing with a
    9/16" ID and 3/4" long was run at 9500 RPM for a striking
revolutions without depleting the oil
    content and without scoring the shaft.

Q: Can different oil or grease be used in sintered bronze bushings:

A: Yes. High temp, wax based ( anti-migration

Q: What is the porosity (oil by volume) of a sintered bronze bearing?

A: 22%

Q: How do Oil Filled/Sintered Bronze Bearings perform in shock
     and impact applications?

A: An automotive steering gear assembly was run to destruction. Conditions
     were an impact load of more than 6,000 lbs. PSI at 800 RPM. The sintered
     bronze bearing and mating shaft worked perfectly.

Q: How do Oil Filled/Sintered Bronze Bearings perform in high
     speed applications?

A: On a high speed, portable tool operating at 20,000 RPM with a
     hardened and ground RC 60 shaft our bushings have lasted far beyond
     the OEM Mfr's lifetime requirements.

Q: How do Oil Filled/Sintered Bronze Bearings perform in
     severe duty applications?

On a rigorous railroad application Super ( 863 ) Oil Filled Bearings
     gave an outstanding 631,000 miles of travel over a 57 month period -
     and were approved for further mileage! Until our bushings were used,
     the normal life was 225,000 miles.

Q: Can you lap or ream a sintered bronze bearing?

A: NEVER LAP a Sintered Bronze Bearing! The abrasive will embed itself
     into the bearing/oil and turn it into a lapping compound - You will quickly
     destroy your shaft.