LM-Tarbell has a long history in the selection, design and manufacture of plastic bearing materials. We are well versed on a myriad
of these materials. Here a just a few:

Delrin® Acetal
Celcon® Acetal Copolymer
Nylatron MC901
Fluorosint 500
FDA/USDA Plastics

Shelbyville, NC

PPG is one of the largest glass manufacturing companies
in the world. On one their production lines they were employing bronze bearings/rollers on a take-out assembly. Although the linear speed was moderate, these rollers would see a 1280Lbs. overturning moment along axis of the |
shafting for several seconds. The rollers would take a mechanical set and score the shafting. These systems run 24/7 and breakdowns coast 10's of thousands of dollars.  PPG asked an engineering consulting company to find an! They called LM-Tarbell.  We took the engineering application data and selected a high strength

plastic, Intech Power Core™ material. We also purchased a
McGill cam roller which we inserted in the machined roller - providing a one stop assembly. After several months, PPG has had no failures.


ABB Automation
New Berlin, WI

ABB engineers were working with Good Year Tire and
Rubber trying to find a bearing material that would work successfully in a robotic application where the robot was taking truck tires from a press and placing them on ancillary equipment. The issues with this " wrist" action were
several fold:

1. 180º oscillation with varying moment loading
throughout the articulation of the robotic arm and the
shifting load of a translating tire that weighs 150lbs.
2. Moment Loading
3. Contamination
4. Required Self lubrication
5. Elevated temp
6. 24/7 Operation

LM-Tarbell engineers considered several materials which
we commonly engineer: MELDIN®, Intech Power Core

and WearComp®. LM-Tarbell chose MELDIN® for its excellent oscillatory load, temperature and self lubricating qualities. ABB engineering reports that after 1 year, their customer has not experienced any downtime.

Peoria, Illinois

One of Caterpillar's vendors called LM-Tarbell about
failures he was experiencing with a product he supplied to
Caterpillar. He manufactured ladder assemblies for a
special earth moving vehicle. Due to the vehicle's size, it
was necessary to have ladders for climbing to the top of the vehicle. The ladder assembly had to fold down
 - or un-stow - so it could be positioned. Because the assembly was exposed to the elements, impact and
vibration, the original cast bronze ( 660 ) bearings took mechanical sets, grease evacuated and the ladder
assembly failed. LM-Tarbell engineers designed a special fiberglass composite shell with a self lubricating, PTFE
Composite liner for self lubrication. This bearing is made
for shock loading, grit and outdoor enviromemnts. 


Middletown, RI

Robert Direcktor Ship Yard won a contract to build 10,
110 foot Coast Guard Cutters. Each cutter had twin, cantilevered rudders. The Coast Guard designed Thordon
Composite Rudder Bearings into these assemblies.
LM-Tarbell was chosen by Coast Guard and Direcktor
engineers to supply finished Thordon SXL machined
bearings. These bearings were 44" in diameter.
LM-Tarbell was chosen because we have vast experience
in machining this temperature sensitive material. We
also have several Navy Vessels under our belt.

Thordon is an interesting material because it is a mixture
of plastic and rubber. This is like mixing water and oil. It has the dimensional stability of plastic with the toughness of rubber. A Thordon bearing can be totally compressed upon itself and return to 90% of its original shape in several minutes. Thus, as a rudder bearing it is fantastic: it is self lubricating ( SXL ), will not imbed particles ( sand, solids ),
will absorb shock without pounding the rudder housing out
of roundness, and is shock resistant. It is employed in  cement, waste water and marine applications.

NOTE: Thordon has to be machined in a constant temperature environment. LM-Tarbell is a prime source
for machined Thordon.

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